Student Protest in Quebec

Students have been protesting for 12 weeks now in Quebec as to not raise college tuition fees. Quebec is paying the lowest college fee in Canada! Yet they still protest the government to not riase the price over 5 years by 75%. Currently they only pay 16% of the total cost of education, that means 84% is payed by someone else. So in total after the 5 years Quebec would pay $3,793 compared to the Ontario $8,000 tuitoin fee. I think the goverment should raise the fee, because if all the students can just fill the street and get what they want, then what is the point of the goverment. The students can just do whatever they want with a protest. Also the goverment would only raise the cost $0.50 per day over 5 years.

The students and police have begun to get violent. Students set stores on fire and police use riot control, with tear gas and pepper spray. The students say its the responsibility of the goverment to provide education for the children.